Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Once an ant was walking home
On a brighter summer day
Then an elephant came that way
Shaking head and ears sway
Seeing an ant  on his lazy path
Sneezed and asked in  rising wrath:
O foolish, feeble tiny mite,
How do you dare my way to stand?
Don't you know my vigour and might?
I am hailed the biggest on land.
I can shake and uproot trees
Easier thsn astorm can seize!
I can crack and crush many hills
Where many a tiny creature fills!
What such eminence hold you with
That made you bold on my royal path?
Told the ant then tapping ham,
O great elephant, humble I am
I can't do such mighty tasks
But simply do some humble tasks.
I can ride on you with ease
But could you ride on me with ease?
I  can climb on top  of a tree
And rest on a leaf, swings in breeze
I can  build an anthill well
And sit at ease on its top so well
I can make any big body
Restless with a single bite
Could you do such simple things
As I  do with ease and joy?
The elephant lost  his word and pride
So drove his feet for adifferent ride.

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