Sunday, 14 July 2013


WOUNDS Wounds are bleeding ceaselessly Within a pensive, passive soul Unusual shades of pains it holds Permeated all from human ways Affection holds affective aches Compassion holds dear one’s aches Frustrations have fervid pains Defamations have darting pains Vexations have simmering throes Protests have many struggling throes Attachments have growing grieves Detachments have losing grieves Departure has lone agonies Desolation has deep agonies Loss of love and league of love All are bleeding wounds of soul

Tuesday, 9 July 2013


LOVE In the garret of my heart I heard love chirping The intoxicant fragrance Of soil soaked in summer rain Makes me a maudlin of love Like the songs of a nightingale Wave in through breeze In moonlit shades of spring O Krishna, from your ambrosial flute, Incessant notes of love Ignites my humble soul.


MY ANCESTRAL HOME In a village of virtues and veracity Erect stands my ancestral home Duty and dedication join hands In that goodness' courtyard Like an ever-shining lamp, my mother Spreads moonshine of love, on us With great message of simple life, My father adds her strength and shade.