Thursday, 25 April 2013


THE BEAUTY BLOOMED IN MY GARDEN O lovely lovely blosome I love you love you so much So nice of you to bloom in The lawn of my lone garden O lovely lovely red rose I love you so much because, Your reddish petals hold on My blood and heart together I feel my intense passions In your tempting fragrance Your graceful smile permeates My youthful vigour and love Which I hold for ever in heart To save and serve this world I live O lovely lovely blossom I have much anxiety too How should I safeguard all your joy Unhurt from all devils hidden I fear cruel hungry worms Crawl up to eat your soft petals I fear naughty boys and friends Rush in to pluck you to throw and crush I fear devotees innocent enough Who snatch you for daily offerings Nay, nay never I let them hurt Or own , or throw you heartlessly I will fix my eyes on watch To fence and guard u till you wither Though you fade off in Lord’s chariot Your charm will not fade from my heart.


MOONLIGHT BIRD I am a moonlight bird Who tries to hide under shade Struck by harsh and cruel arrows Of venomous taunting harrows In a silent moonlit night I left the cage, in fright Without making noise of flaps Gliding through lone cold air traps I finally folded wings in tire At your moonlit patio square. Barks of spreading orchard drew Dark and spiral pictures strew. Like a tiny dot on them I too dissolved among them. I was sad and mad on cares And terrified by nightmares, Even now I knew much peace At your yard’s moonlit grace. Soon I saw a rain of rays Sent out from your sleepless eyes Kindly stretching lovling hand You took me to caress without wand Pervading warmth and rhythm of heart You made me relax sans depart. I felt your heart throbbing for me Which raised up me to mirth acme In that touch of cool moonlight I forgot all my woes and fright. My soul whispered , gratitude filled , “Life sanctified, birth fulfilled” Dawn was nearing to fade all shade I heard footsteps of devils’ parade. I must be caught and locked to cane Within a cage of boredom reign But now I feel so bold and hope I can bear them all sans dope. A cool breeze from your moonlit yard May come to cool my flaming heart.