Thursday, 25 April 2013


THE BEAUTY BLOOMED IN MY GARDEN O lovely lovely blosome I love you love you so much So nice of you to bloom in The lawn of my lone garden O lovely lovely red rose I love you so much because, Your reddish petals hold on My blood and heart together I feel my intense passions In your tempting fragrance Your graceful smile permeates My youthful vigour and love Which I hold for ever in heart To save and serve this world I live O lovely lovely blossom I have much anxiety too How should I safeguard all your joy Unhurt from all devils hidden I fear cruel hungry worms Crawl up to eat your soft petals I fear naughty boys and friends Rush in to pluck you to throw and crush I fear devotees innocent enough Who snatch you for daily offerings Nay, nay never I let them hurt Or own , or throw you heartlessly I will fix my eyes on watch To fence and guard u till you wither Though you fade off in Lord’s chariot Your charm will not fade from my heart.

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