Wednesday, 29 May 2013


REUNION Flowing forward in river time An inevitable confluence I reached Where pertinent passions torrented Till I faint in the whirlpool My soul found tossed in waving flood To roll and twirl like a fallen leaf Like offscourings thrown after squeezing juice I went on destined journey along I met you once on a weary ride Who tried to put out fire in my heart While walking with my thoughts and pains You perched and nested on my dreams Like moonlight softly embrace earth Your loving smiles spilled over me O Krishna, in your soothing solace As a boon for many births I regained my lost soul

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


I WISH I WERE.. I wish I were a peepul tree Clad in beautiful little leaves Listening to ecstatic ripples That flows out through your flute Vibrate in acme of rapture Every moment in life. I wish I were a little calf With you in the wilderness Listening to warbling cuckoos Praising beauty of blooms. I wish I were a jasmine In the garland on your bosom To forget myself in bliss Of kissing you for ever. I wish I were Radhika Leaned upon your bosom With dreamy half- closed eyes As a token of eternal love.