Wednesday, 19 March 2014

ripples of love

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Monday, 27 January 2014


O blazing beauty lotus
Shining like a star
Staring up with prayers
Are you wooing sun?
Nice your arrayed petals
Have proud and graceful looks.
By unknown artist’s  hands
In Mighty mould you born
For endless lakes and brooks
Made you queen of flowers.
Everywhere you hailed

The seat of goddess  word.



   Once on a silent frozen December dawn
Like a chill naughty breeze on hill-top
He pushed open window of my heart
   And stealed into my soul and stayed.
With lovely passions he embalmed
Dreams and desires of my youth.
I swayed on higher boughs of ecstasy
And danced in trance of his charm.
When I woke up  from the spell of  charm
That swathed and filled in me for a while
I found him fading into thickets  of hills afar
Leaving me in the bed of moody lassitude
Seeking  secrets of serene virgin wilderness
And I stared unconvinced as if in a dream.
On Eastern tree-tops, morning sun peeped out
From his golden cradle rocked by gentle wind,
Listening to twitter of sparrows hunting honey.
 When his thousand naughty hands pulled off
The heavy blanket of dream from my eyes
And picked up me  from downy warm bed,
Lazy sleep walked out unwilling to depart.
Observing his royal ride forward through
The shining blue carpet spread in the sky,
I wondered at his growth as a haughty prince
Who shower blazing fire on earth at noon.
                                                      O fluffy cloud, we relaxed under the shade
                                                   Of your wings, while you go escort to him.                          
When wheels off ,  his princely chariot hit
 At   western fortress  wall of  horizon,
And royal blood  stains vermillion the sea ,
O weary cloud, being a silent witness of all,
Did you weep a little  to wet the sea shore?
When you pulled  the black veil of night over
         I felt at my courtyard your hot sighs on lost hues
 I too ferried back to memories of my lost charmer
With a garland of past dreams and sighs!!