Thursday, 14 March 2013


Came down heavenly river Ganga once
Stayed in Lord Siva’s knotty  tress of hair
To sanctify Earth I trickled down as
SivaGanga, a pretty silver stream.
When thoughts of paradise made me proud
I forgot Lord and myself too.
Caring not your greatness all
I embosomed the roars of sea
When down I rushed in thrill to the sea
Careless leaving back your  hair ties
Disinterested you closed both eyes
To withdraw yourself to meditation
Frozen woes you kept in chest
As white and pure stones of snow
Left I Himalaya’s serene vales
To embrace luring city dyes
What flowed into my tender heart
Is dirt of  filthy culture new!
A donor of destroyer diseases I flowed
And reached the depths of blue expanse,
Now a cursed stream I am
Dissolved in rare venom’s blue.
A flower of hidden throes I am
Reeling down in whirl pool waves
Remind I now boundless love
You kept  in heart for me gone days
 Memories of thy hair knots now
Make me vex in deep distress
Fragrance of thy enticing smile
Brought by cool breeze from thy vales
Gives me relief rich and cool
That fills my soul, O my Lord!
I feel it fondling of spring  rain
Showered on me ambrosial drops
Rejuvenating medicine for
Healing  bleeding memories in.
If I come back, prideless to you
Could you accept me in tress again?
Could youd cover me with blanket of love

And drip honey on my dejections?

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