Tuesday, 26 June 2012


When trees fan me with gentle breeze
Why should I worry on summer heat?

When blue hills fill their charm in eyes
Why should I keep more tears now?

When friends give me shades of ease
Why should I weep on solitude?

When eyes can convey meanings all
Why should I worry on deafness again?

When  children extend dreams and hopes
Why should I worry on tiresome  life?

              If breeze and hills die away
              How should I live on this earth?

              If friends and kids fly away
              How should I live the rest of life?

              If joys of sharing  shrink away
              How should I share  my love to all?

              If innocents fall down slaughtered around
              How should I open my sensitive eyes?

              If past is lost in garbage pail
              How should I know my forefathers?  
                     POETRY WORLD, April 2012