Tuesday, 26 June 2012


It was the hottest afternoon
The earth turned a horrible hearth
Up in the hills and down the  dales
Everything dried and burned

The summer wind flew along
The busy street and marketplace
sweets  vendors unbuttoned shirts
wet in sweat they looked up sky

vegetable women wiped the  sweat
and fanned their towels in mighty speed
walkers ran to the shop side shades
bullocks blinked and shook their heads
And pulled the cart with weary steps

when  barks and bushes baked in steam 
Perching singers lost their songs

Flies and bees flapped and pooled
And prayed for rain to quench their thirst

Dimmed the sunlight  by and by
To form a darkened  ceiling up

Trumpets professed up in the sky
The imminent dash of rain on earth
Silver wand dashed along
To sprinkle down angel drops
Like a boon from heaven to earth

Summer drizling began to drip
When water kissed the earthen hearth
Roasted dust released fumes
My nostrils dined delicious smell
Served by the  wetting sand

Maroon went on up the heaven
To put out fire in hearts on earth
With flashing light and frequent roars

Summer rain fills all pits
Summer rain fills  me too
A pool of passion for ever.
POETRY WORLD, Annual Anthology 2012

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